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Roger Scruggs
welcome on board, have a good flight
Welcome aboard your charter 
flight to these great locations.
->Flight plan:
  • Launch from KSC /aviation
  • Photo flight /stock
  • Stay at resort/hotel
  • Meet nice people/portraits
  • Go sailing / yachting
  • Go on location
  • Legal
  • Aerial views
  • Photojournalism / editorial
  • Roger Scruggs

        Corporate, aerospace, aviation, eng/efp, editorial, medical, advertising, annual reports, training, resorts,
    stock, industrial, public relations, medical, executive portraiture, decor, commercial, sports, documentary.

    ,,,,...... Fleet 45 Space Cats Videography...Television establishes a relaxed atmosphere and builds credibility while demonstrating a product. Our programs never forget to make a point and they consistently show your message the way you want it shown. Many companies manufacture items that cannot be demonstrated at sales meetings. Their effectiveness, however, can be demonstrated perfectly with the use of television. We work in all types of film and tape media, selecting the format that best fulfills your communication needs.  Roger Scruggs Films takes pride in a standard of artistic excellence that guarantees your message will carry its greatest impact.
    ,,,,...... Member Brevard Aviation Association Photography    ...Photographs communicate quickly, letting people see what they may not have time to stop and read about, and they also tempt potential customers and reinforce their reasons for buying. Photography brings your message to life. Charged with dramatic impact and realistic clarity, this medium has the power to inform, to motivate, to influence, and to create a demand or image. Our years of experience using the best photographic equipment available have enabled us to produce award winning presentations. Roger Scruggs Films wants to help you with all your publication, presentation, and advertising needs.
    ,,,,...... Whitley Marine Cinematography    ...Film is the most effective method a company can use to inspire its sales force, train its production workers, win the support of its retailers, and educate its consumers. Film is certainly the most powerful communications tool available to management. With its double impact of sight and sound we can guarantee the undivided attention of an audience throughout the message.    It's a communicator, a motivator, a convincer. Seeing is believing and film allows your customer to see with his or her own eyes. Don't hesitate to consult with us when your need the help of creative film producers. We take great pride in providing our clients with top quality services at competitive prices.
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    • EAA 724.org
    • IATSE 600

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    Motion Picture, Bachelor of Arts Degree
    Brooks Institute of Photography
    22 Years of award winning images,
    including best of show
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           Flight plan
    * Portfolio
    * Aviation Aerospace 
    * Stock photos & file footage
    * Executive portraits
    * Hotel resort
    * Yachting & marine
    * Sports
    * Photojournalism / editorial
    * Legal photo & video
    * Locations
    * related links

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